I erased all of you
I emptied out all of you
But when the rain falls again
All the memories of you I hide with effort
It all comes back, it must be looking for you
On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well
(To you)
Now there is no path for me to return
But looking at your happy face
I will still try to laugh since I was the one
Without the strength to stop you
Even today, without a doubt
I can’t get out of it
I can’t get out from the thoughts of you
I know that it’s the end
I know that it’s all just foolishness
Now I know that it’s not true
I am just disappointed in myself for
Not being able to get a hold of you because of that pride